The Harmony Pledge

As a trust we make a pledge to support every one of our pupils to achieve their potential.

We want our pupils to be life-long learners to


We pledge to provide a curriculum which will -

  • Develop our pupils’ character, resilience and a range of social and emotional competencies
  • Provide our pupils with academic excellence
  • Support our pupils’ spiritual, moral, cultural and physical development
  • Build our pupils’ confidence to have the highest expectation of themselves and their future
  • Celebrate our pupils’ academic, creative and sporting achievements
  • Instill in them a desire for learning which continues throughout their lives.

We want our pupils to have drive and tenacity; to stick at a task; to understand how to work towards long term goals; and be able to pick themselves up and bounce back from life’s challenges.

By the time our pupils reach the age of 11 they will have completed each of the following ten pledges:

The 10 points of the Harmony Pledge are: 



Be safe, healthy and happy

Be a fundraiser 

Be a performer 

Be an eco-warrior 

Be respectful 

Be a volunteer 

Be democratic 

Be an adventurer

Be an expert learner 

Be workwise 


As pupils engage and participate in The Harmony Pledge, they will also develop some character competencies that will enable them to tackle any problem or situation that arises in their education and life. The Harmony Pledge will help them in developing and being: 

Resilient,  Problem-Solver,  Compassionate,  Cooperative,  Aspirational, 

Confident,  Effective Communicator,  Motivated,  Tolerant,  Honest



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