The Harmony Model Curriculum

As part of a multi-academy trust, we benefit from the shared expertise, experiences and collaboration of our colleagues across the organisation.  'The Harmony Model Curriculum' has been written, regularly evaluated, reviewed and adapted by our experienced practitioners over recent years.  It provides an evidence-based approach, structure and guidance which academies implement whilst considering the individual context of their setting.  Teachers and subject leaders are supported with high-quality CPD to ensure they have the skills and knowledge they need to deliver an exciting and meaningful curriculum for the children.  

For more details on The Harmony Model Curriculum, visit our Harmony Trust website here.

The Greenfield Academy Curriculum

At Greenfield Academy, we personalise The Harmony Model Curriculum to fit the context of our school.  We aim to provide an excellent education for all our children and every activity a child takes part in in our academy is part of this curriculum. The total learning experience is designed to maximise achievement within the National Curriculum and develop skills, attitudes and attainment that helps children to achieve their full potential in the widest sense.

Intent, Implementation and Impact

When planning, the 3 I's underpin our approach to curriculum planning.

-Intent refers to what we teach and why we teach it.

-Implementation proposes what it looks like in practice.

-Impact shows what the outcomes will be. 

Our curriculum mapping takes into account the knowledge and skills (composites) and the incremental steps (components) needed to ensure the children can build upon previous learning and apply prior knowledge and skills.

Curriculum Enhancements

Opportunities are taken to extend the curriculum through the use of educational visits out of school, to involve parents, visitors, artists, crafts-people, actors, musicians etc. and through the use of the school grounds, the locality and the wider environment.

Termly Curriculum Weeks enhance the  vision of the school, promoting a WOW factor and to foster a love of learning.  High quality displays are generated after Curriculum Weeks in order to celebrate the children’s learning and achievements.

Our class pages are also regularly updated with learning news from the classrooms.  

Curriculum Enhancement for King Charles' Coronation

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