Our Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values

Our Academy provides:-       

  • high quality education delivered by excellent staff   

  • differentiated learning

  • a caring, supportive, safe learning environment

  • learning inside and outside the classroom

  • experiences of the wider community and world


Our Academy is committed to:-

  • the health, welfare and overall development of all                    

  • the inclusion of all to help pupils reach their full potential                                                     

  • include all our partners in raising achievement


We aim to develop pupils with:-

  • high self esteem

  • respect for themselves, others and our world

  • responsibility for their own behaviour and learning                     

  • the ability to assess their own learning and emotional needs

  • positive attitudes to learning and play

  • a sense of pride in themselves and our academy

  • the belief in themselves to BELIEVE, ACHIEVE, SUCCEED


Our parents will:-       

  • bring their children ON TIME, EVERY DAY

  • send their children ready to learn

  • support their children’s learning

  • participate in all aspects of academy life

  • encourage their children to have ‘pride in learning, respect for all


Our Consultation Groups will:-

  • attend all meetings

  • challenge and support the management and leadership of the academy

  • take an active role and interest in the daily life of the academy

  • know their own roles and responsibilities


Greenfield Academy: Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Queen Street, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 1QD

Mrs Z Neophitou: Head of Academy

0161 368 1898