Children's Leadership Team

Greenfield Academy is committed to developing pupils as leaders in order to develop their personal and social skills. The aim is that as many pupils as possible are given the opportunity to lead regardless of their gender, ability, age or cultural background. This leadership can be found in many aspects of school life including the roles and responsibilities listed below.

Pupil Council

Our Pupil Council represents all pupils at Greenfield Academy with a boy and a girl elected for each class from Year 2 to Year 6.

The Pupil Council plays an important role by sharing the views of their peers on changes and improvements which need to be made within the academy. Pupil Councillors must be trustworthy, honest, well-mannered and patient; they are role models to others and represent the academy in a variety of different situations.  


Prefects are pupils elected when they reach Year 6. These pupils are expected to act as role models to their peers by continuing to display impeccable behaviour, punctuality and attendance. One aspect of their role is to act as hosts to guests or visitors to the academy. They also have the responsibility to monitor and record pupils’ behaviour and attitude when moving through the academy

Reading Champions

Greenfield Academy Reading Champtions have a very important job. This position requires dedicated responsible individuals who are reliable, polite and organised. They also participate in the Tameside Reading Champion programme.

Our librarians support groups of young children in the library and in class Reading Areas; helping them find and loan books but most importantly ensuring that books are being returned on time. At the end of the year they carry out a rigorous book audit of books to ensure we do not lose too many books.

Sports Leaders

Greenfield Academy’s Sports Leaders encourage and develop children’s confidence and self-esteem. These young leaders develop generic leadership skills that will be vital to them in other areas of life. This role allows the children to take an active role in sport and physical activities, whilst developing the self confidence that comes through taking responsibility for their own and others learning and enjoyment. 

Game Changers

As part of the broader #LetGirlsPlay campaign, Barclays Game Changers, are a team of young ambassadors across England who believe that all girls should have the same opportunities to play football at school as boys do.

Art Council

Greenfield's Art Council meet weekly to participate in special Art Projects. This involves developing specific skills, researching different artists and producing high quality examples of artwork which are displayed around school. They also support with our very popular Parent Workshops.

Digital Leaders 

Our Digital Leaders ensure that the safe and positive use of technology is actively promoted among the children. They support the Harmony Trust HTML initiative and promote online safety for pupils, staff and parents through workshops and raising awareness.

Eco Council

The eco council raise awareness of green issues around school such as recyclying, conserving energy and protecting the environment. They oversee our Uniform Bank and complete projects such as gardening and planting around the school grounds.

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